Hi, I paid by PayPal on 21st Jan 2014. Hi, I paid through paypal on the 16th of march. Hi Paid using Paypal Thanks a lot. Hi paid via Paypal. Hi, paid with paypal! Hi Paid on paypal about 1 hr ago. Hi, i paid $50 with paypal this morning. …


Hi, if I buy this dress now, can I please pay you on Monday 1/10/11? I have a very good rating with ebay and I promise I will pay you then. Thanks for your time.もしこのドレスを今買った場合、支払いは2011/1/10月曜日の支払いでもいいですか? …


こんにちは。もしこれを買って、欠陥品だった場合は返金してくれますか? Hi, If I buy this and it turns out to be defective, can I get my money refunded? Thanks.