Hi! I've just paid for the item but it has the wrong shipping address. The shipping address is ***. Thank you,




I accidentally put the wrong shipping address on xxx I bought from you. Could you please ship them to *** thank you




I put the wrong address on my xxx that i ordered. Can you please ship my order to ***.





Thanks for your contact. It is our policy to ship to a buyer's registered PayPal address attached to payment only. So we can not change address directly, because it *violates*eBay & PayPal *protection policy* to ship an item to NON-PAYPAL-SHIPPING address. Occasionally we receive spam emails with requests to send item to address other than the address show on buyer's PayPal payment. To avoid Fraud, we must send the item to buyer's PayPal shipping address. Please understand this is for your protection. Your item has been shipped out already. We do understand your situation and suggest you contact the person in your shipping address to get your order. If you have any question, please let us know. We will do our best to help you. Regards



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Send me an email with the correct shipping address.

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